In LucasCorp we are passionate about ideas, ideas are conceived, bold yet realistic dreams ...


People are at the center of creation. The companies composing the dream and managed ...


The refocusing of an organization, regardless of size is made under the guidelines


The "notebooks for dialogue" as bold and scholar exchange of views, we claim this concept of dialogue ...

The person is the difference

LucasCorp offers Value Added Services and Strategic Consulting to Business

LucasCorp born with the mission of providing value added services to Business and Strategic Consulting and in the middle of them, the People.

LucasCorp has a humanist vision of business. The current business paradigms, show depletion recognized as referents today.

Only the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of the people, build the best organizations to respond openly and socially sustainable in the complexity and diversity of these and of society itself form.

Can not be dissociated Company and Individual Company is a whole statement.

LucasCorp born from the dream of a person who after a long career in large companies and in the world of consulting in the field of organizations and individuals, want to contribute to the necessary transformation in values and goals that our organizations require.

Much is known of art, logic, reason, of results, of what we can measure and how proud we speak in these terms !

However little we know of the person, their circumstances, their emotions, their self undisclosed, their fears, when evidently all builds positive or negative we can expect the same within an organization. The emotions, we can not measure, disturbs us.

The person governed the destiny, results and wealth of business, understood extensively and makes it beyond the multiple layers of certifications to prove their excellence, it does beyond the modeling of efficient processes, the use synergies, cost improvements. The Person is the difference.

LucasCorp with transparency, naturalness and commitment helps for you to build and make your dream come true.


The awakening of consciousness for people and organizations to become the best version of themselves.

AINEP Persons

Accompany the organizations in the process of change and development. The road to personal fulfillment.

AINEP enterprises

Simply identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, and be willing to go for it and fully achieve.

AINEP growth